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Buffet menu 1                     £6.75 per person
Buffet menu 2                     £7.25 per person
Buffet menu 3                     £8.00 per person
Buffet menu 4                     £9.00 per person
Buffet menu 5                     £9.00 per person

The prices quoted are subject to vat.

Buffet menu 1:

Assorted closed sandwiches; Cheese and tomato, egg mayonnaise and cress, turkey and seasoning, ham salad, tuna and cucumber, beef and onion.
Open sandwich selection
Sausage rolls
Savoury quiche tarts
Wedges of pork pie
Scotch eggs

Dessert Selection

Fruit cake
Scones with strawberry jam
Tea and coffee
Assorted closed sandwiches; Cheese, tomato and egg

Buffet menu 2:

Assorted closed sandwiches; Cheese and tomato, ham salad, tuna and cucumber, turkey and seasoning, egg mayonnaise and cress, cream cheese and prawn.
Chicken satay sticks
Sausage rolls
Fingers of quiche Lorraine
Prawn and mushroom vol-au-vents
Pizza Slices

Dessert Selection

Carrot cake
Victoria sponge cake
Chocolate cake
Tea or coffee

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Buffet menu 3:

Assorted Bridge roll sandwiches; Cheese and tomato, Ham salad, Tuna and cucumber, Egg mayonnaise and cress, Turkey and seasoning, Salmon and cucumber, Coronation chicken, Beef and onion
Scampi pieces with tartare sauce
Sausages wrapped in bacon
Cheese and pineapple sticks
Wedges of pork pie
Quiche tartlets
Chicken Goujons
Vegetable spring rolls

Dessert Selection

Curd tarts
Chocolate cake
Fruit cake
Tea or Coffee
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Buffet menu 4:

Hot lasagne
Meat and potato pie
Roasted new potatoes
Mixed seasonal salad
Tomato and basil salad
Crusty French bread

Dessert selection

Fruits of the Forest cheesecake
Chocolate and mixed berry muffins
Tea or coffee

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Buffet menu 5:

Honey baked roast ham with pickles and chutney
Quiche lorraine
Wedges of pork pie
Savoury vol-au-vents
Scotch eggs
Mixed seasonal salad
Assorted breads

Dessert selection

Fresh cream cake assortment
Tea or coffee
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